LES VIPERES was a punk'n'roll band from Quebec City. After calling it quit, their guitarist Vince played in the infamous FATALS and is now in THE CHIMIKS and DESTINATION LONELY. LES DERAILLEURS was another great rock'n'roll band from Chicoutimi, Quebec. After the split their members played in cool bands from Montreal: LES VAUTOURS and LES FUMANTS. LES DERAILLEURS did a reunion show in 2009.


This is a split 45 from France’s SDZ Records. Les Viperes and Les Derailleurs are both Canadian rock n’ roll bands. Face A is two songs ("J’veux rien savoir" and "Je ne te connais pas") by Quebec City’s Les Viperes. Now both songs are in French. Hey, I can order from a French menu but I have no idea what these guys are saying. I can tell you one thing though, they rock. This is some great trashy rock n’ roll. Also, it was produced by the Knoxville Girls’ Jerry Teel. Face B contains "Contrat sur ma tete" and "Je reviens" by Les Derailleurs. Les Derailleurs hail from Chicoutimi and play straight-up rock and roll. Once again no idea what they’re saying but they let it all hang out and I love that. If you speak the language of rock n’ roll, you’re gonna love these two Canadian bands.
Cyclops Mark - Cyclops Zine 

I got two fantastic singles in the mail from France's SDZ Records. See? They really do love us yanks! (...) Secondly, SDZ brings us a split 7" EP LES VIPERES and LES DERAILLEURS, two bands from Quebec. Language barrier aside, both bands deliver here! Les Viperes come out on top with their TEENGENERATE-inspired bouncers, while Les Derailleurs offer up some spastic garage punk. 
Mitch Cardwell - MaximumRockNRoll #241 / May 2003

LES VIPERES/LES DERAILLEURS split single (SDZ 7in.) Did you ever wish you could speak French? I didn't but I have this sudden urge to learn just so I can find out what the hell these two bands are talking\singing about. It must be good cause they've got me pretty happy and I don't even know what the fuck they're talking\singing about.Les Viperes from Québec City are coming for you with guitars vaguely reminiscent of The Mummies and vocals that kick you like The Undead's Bobby Steele, Les Viperes is some good goddamn rockin' goodness that I'd love to get my hands on a full length album of.(now if I only knew what they were talking about)I accidentally played the b-side first when i got this, but I decided it wasn't an accident it was fate. Les Derailleurs claim to be "from the most Rockin' city in Québec" (Chicoutimi) I believe it just might be possible if these guys are rockin it regularly. You can listen to it and picture all the pussy this Rock & Roll must be getting them, and with a five to one ratio on girlies in their town how can you go wrong. (SDZ) 
Benny Brylcreem - Smashin Transistors

Un'altra indie-label d'Oltrape, la SDZ records, è artefice dello split condiviso da due formazioni canadesi, Les Vipères et les Dérailleurs, entrambe provenienti dal Quebec. I primi mettono su vinile due tracce di selvaggio rock'n'roll garagistico prodotte da Jerry teel (Chrome Cranks), i secondi - invero meno incisivi - si cementano con due brani r'n'r influenzati dalla lezione del miglior 60's punk.
Roberto Calabro
-Rockerilla Magazine (Italy) - May 2003

2 new bands from France that really kick ass. Les Viperes play 77 style punk in French - totally distorted and dirty. They rose old French punk revolution spirit from the grave. But they do it little bit different - refreshed and great. I specially like that lyrics are in French. "J'veux Rien Savoir" is great up tempo punk killer, while "Je Ne Te Connais pas" is more mid tempo in "Submission" (Sex Pistols) style. Les Derailleurs are more rockin' punk / punk'n'roll. Also great band with French lyrics. Nice piece of punk shit.
- No Brains Zine

Und nochmal SDZ Records, diesmal mit den LES DERAILLEURS und LES VIPERES aus - nein, nicht aus Frankreich, sondern aus Quebec, Kanada, wo ja bekanntlich auch französisch gesprochen wird. Erstere sind eher bei Billy Childish und den REAL KIDS in die Schule gegangen, sehr charmant, gerade auch wegen des Gesangs, und LES VIPERES sind dann etwas kickender, haben in New York mit Jerry Teel aufgenommen, der auch schon HONEYMOON KILLERS und CHROME CRANKS produziert hat. Verzweifelter, rauher Teenage-Punk, der klingt, als sei er aus den Sechzigern. Schöne EP, kann ich nur empfehlen. (7)
Joachim Miller
- Ox Fanzine

Le fanzine parisien a aussi edité un sompteux split EP partagé par deux groupes canadiens, Les Vipères et les Dérailleurs. S'il vous prend de vous intéresser au garage ou au rock'n'roll renaissant paraît-il, c'est par là qu'il faut commencer. C'est la base, le but et la manière.
- Punk Rawk Magazine n°12