THE REBEL "Exciting new venue for soccer and execution of women" EP


 R E V I E W S :

Ben R. Wallers is a complicated, deranged man. If his work in COUNTRY TEASERS hasn’t convinced you of this fact, then his solo project, THE REBEL, will. SDZ Records has just released his second single, the Exciting New Venue For Soccer And Execution Of Women 7” EP. Musically, it’s a little more out-there than the recent Teasers material (though still obviously the same guy), but if you are a fan of their recent work (like me), you will be more than happy to snatch this puppy up.

Mitch Cardwell / Maximum Rock N’ Roll

A stellar new EP from the satirical mind of BEN R. WALLERS, founding member of Scottish favorites THE COUNTRY TEASERS. Four tracks of stumble and drag garage rock, driven by Wallers' trademark vocals and dangerous wit. Imported from France. Excellent.

Midheaven Mailorder

The first solo B.R. Wallers stuff I've heard, and I like it. I had always been a fringe Country Teasers fan until the past couple of years when everything just clicked all of a sudden, sometime around when the double LP on In the Red came out. This collection from the Rebel is similar in sound/vibe to the last Teasers LP, yet even looser and weirder. Lots of twisted electronics, dimestore Casio sounds, some guitars and whatever else all thrown in the pan and pressure-cooked in the oven that is Wallers' mind. Four tracks that veer from the simply bizarre to mind wrenching melancholy, with a sound that falls somewhere in the vicinity of the Swell Maps most experimental moments, obscure British DIY lunacy, The Fall, outsider art, and just about any closet four-track recording weirdo you can think of, especially those that loathe the music industry (and most other things as well). Subtly brilliant. Perfect for those moments when you've just arrived home at 5:30 in the morning, and you're sitting there wondering just what it is that you've done.

Rich Kroneiss / Terminal Boredom

Ben Wallers of Edinburgh, Scotland’s Country Teasers goes solo on this slapped together, four-tracked slab of wax. It’s as politically flippant as the Fall and as anti-hi-fi as the Beat Happening. Somewhere in the middle lies finicky, fuzzy, electro sounds backed with pots’n’pans type banging. Maybe if White Hassle was more punk than alterna-Americana, or if Doo Rag was more electro clash than being just plain weird, it would sound like this. Wallers’s voice matches the song content, so when you get to a song like “Please Ban Music”, expect more beat-poet groan than Britpop croon.

The Rebel is exactly that, rebelling against the modern sound of mainstream music (even Beck gave up his junky noise collages years ago) and throwing out some social commentary that’s been missing in music for a while now. Clearly this 7” falls into the category of “outsider music”, a genre not really defined by its sound but by its artists, self-proclaimed or not. The Rebel (along with the above mentioned, and Wesley Willis, Daniel Johnston, et al) fall right in with the “outsiders”, making music geared towards those who declare music more as a work of art than as a sing-along dance party. This will appeal to any music nut that enjoys strange music not for the sake of it being strange, or for it being novelty (that’s not the aim of outsider musicians), but for the sake of its own mysterious existence in the first place.

Mark Hughson / Now Wave Magazine

And if you misanthropes or Taliban nostalgics are excited by that title, you’re sure to get some hefty titillation from this new EP from Scotland’s THE REBEL, aka Ben Wallers from the COUNTRY TEASERS. I am definitely more into this one than the EP we discussed in this forum last year; imagine, if you will, the very same FALL that made “Second Dark Ages”, now with access to samplers and 21st-century overdub techniques. There’s a lot less bleeping and Casio experimentation than that other one, and it sounds, well - it sounds more like something like some guy from the Country Teasers might attempt over a particularly inspired weekend. My pick to click is the brief (but frantic) “Please Ban Music”, which has a skeletal, skittering riff that coughs and sputters like an insect caught in the mixing board. Overall, pretty neat. On France’s SDZ Records.

Jay Hinman / Agony Shorthand

Ben Wallers, ex-Country Teasers, continues his assault on casio keyboards and bourgeois sensibilites. And women. 4 chaotic songs.

Goner Records

EX County Teaser, BR Wallers explores his mind and expands yours with this great 7" full of lo-fi Casio- weirdness that falls somewhere between SYD
BARRET's early solo career and the INTELLIGENCE.

Fred / Criminal IQ

This EP features 4 previously unreleased songs by Ben R. Wallers, singer/guitarist of the COUNTRY TEASERS! Both musically and lyrically offering the same brilliant irony and black humor as known from the COUNTRY TEASERS, in his twisted country-ramblings and lofi-electro-pop!

X-Mist Mailorder

The rebel is the solo project from ben wallers, founder / singer / guitarist of the country teasers. This ep features 4 new tracks of his usual satire, black humour, twisted country ramblings and lo-fi electro pop.

Rough Trade Shop London

It’s Ben Wallers of the infamous Country Teasers going solo! More fucked up than ever with no one holding him back. Actually it sounds a whole lot like the Teasers just a little more strange... Not compared to their latest on ITR but stranger than the rest of the stuff. This one’s got drummachine (I think) and a whole lot of keyboards. In the end it’s pretty damn cool, I really like the Country Teasers so this will have to do until they do a good new one.  (Thomas)

Behind this strange monicker lies B.R. Wallers, mastermind of those Scottish nutcases, Country Teasers. It’s kinda hard to see the reason why he needs to put out this stuff under an alias, why not just put it out as CT, the music is so similar. A mix of country, noise and punk- these four songs explore much the same territory the Teasers have so wonderfully done. Strange, fucked- up and definitely out- there, this is not your average garagerock-record. Just listen to one of the wonderfully named tracks ( my favorite is" Spiderman In The Flesh" ) and you’ll see what I mean. Could B.R. be the modern day Syd Barrett? Nice apetizer for the upcoming Country Teasers live-CD on In The Red. (Artemi)

Savage Magazine

Ben R Wallers (ex Country Teasers) is The Rebel. It's experimental 7" in vain of Velvet Underground, Residents and some other minimal new wave mixed with garage. Sound is very weird and original. Weird and surrealistic sense for humor in kinda Monty Python style. Well the title is crazy enough to let you know you can't expect anything 'normal' from this record.

Vanya / No Brains Zine

If anyone has been concered about Country Teasers number one Ben Wallers emotional state over their past couple of albums this isn't going to calm the concerns. Shrill Casio synths blurt foul squeaks, drum machine beats sound like they're being stumbled over by analog feet with a doctrine of bile and disqust rolling off Ben's tongue putting the icing on this broken glass stuffed mudpie. "New Wave of New Wave" circles are probably irritated by it because nothing on it sounds like New Order and I'm sure more than a few a garage rockers will be pissed because nothing here similar to "Bitches Fuck Off."

Dale / Smashin Transistors

Prima prova del nuovo solo-project del leader dei Country Teasers B.R.Waller. Rispetto al lavoro espresso con l’intera congrega degli ubriaconi cambia
poco, ma forse perché anche quelli sono una sua creatura, benchè insieme costituiscano un’entità riconoscibile e personale. Stesse ossessioni soniche e
sessuali, country degenerato e casio-culture. Ma qui ci si spinge verso oscurità ancora più elettro-wave e paesaggi ridondanti di riffs elettronici in circolo. Rumore e fastidio anche tra le campagne.

Capinch Zine

Lorsque les Country Teasers ont joué à Toulouse en première partie des Oblivians, il y a une bonne décennie, les spectateurs massés dans la cave du "Soluble" ouvraient de grands yeux incrédules. De la country de cet acabit, lo-fi, désaccordée, déglinguée et lancinante, on avait rarement vu ça. S'en était suivi une soirée bien arrosée avec Ben, l'énigmatique chanteur/compositeur, lunettes à la Buddy Holly, galurin des années quarante vissé sur le crâne, fan de Jonathan Swift et Williams Burroughs, et ses accolytes écossais, éthyliques et amateurs de new wave, qui admettaient volontiers la prédominance des textes sur la musique dans les chansons du groupe. Depuis les Teasers ont continué à torturer la country, et Ben s'est lançé dans une carrière solo sous le nom de The Rebel: lyrics toujours corrosifs et politiquement incorrects sur fond cette fois d'electro pop mutante, forcément lo-fi et déglinguée. Le Ep quatre titres sur SDZ s'intitule Exciting New Venue For Soccer And Execution of Women. Captain Beefheart et les Flying Lizards en pleine overdose de peyotl. A découvrir.

Sylvain / Dig It!

Rich gave this a good review a few months back, but I felt I owed this chunk of wax a few words as it’s logged so many miles bouncing around France, the U.S. and Canada in a mailman’s bag (big thanks to Lastname for moving). Like Rich, I’m a bit of a latecomer to appreciating the genius behind #1 miscreant, Ben Wallers (aka The Rebel), and his Country Teasers. It’s just over the past year or so that the Teasers’ back catalogue has been completely doing it for me. As a result, this single (which refines the weirdness of the Teasers into four discreet bursts) has been getting heavy spins around here with its DIY bedroom take on the early Rough Trade sound. If you’re into that sorta thing or newer bands influenced by Ben’s writing (like The Intelligence) you’ll dig.

Jeff Greenback / Terminal Boredom

The weirdest member of the strangest band ever (Country Teasers) unleashes several tracks of musical mischief that are (like most Teasers related material) unclassifiable. That said, I will classify it all as seductively chaotic and brilliantly fucked. In fact I feel as if this record fucked me with quite a bit of brilliance.

Flamin Waymon Timbsdayle / Roctober

"Ein Hoch auf prätentiöse Künstlernamen: The Rebel ist so einer, par excellence. Und The Rebel ist eigentlich Ben R. Wallers von den Country Teasers, der schon seit einer Weile im Homerecording-Verfahren Musik macht - solo. Vier seiner Songs - unveröffentlichte - finden sich auf der interessant betitelten 7" "Exciting New Venue For Soccer And Execution Of Women", und wer die Country Teasers schon für schwierig und anstrengend hält, der sollte hiervon die Finger lassen: Lo-Fi Electro Country Pop zwischen Wesley Willis und Mark E. Smith, auf der Weirdo-Skala ganz oben und eine dieser Platten, bei denen man mit "interessant" endet. Eben. Interessant."
Joachim Hiller / Ox

For another example, here's another 7-inch by him, recorded in 2003, released by French label SDZ Records in 2004. More exciting artwork, with a provocative title, eh? Any of you misogynist armchair eugenicists out there perking up a bit? The first song "Turtle v. Octopus" is a messy bad-ass home-recorded groove-rocker that comes off really well -- all you The Band revivalists take note! (Not to mention Califone buffs!) Side two starts with "Keith," a loud stomper rocker with carnivalesque keyboard mayhem -- hell, sounds like the full-band Teasers to me -- but track two "Spiderman in the Flesh" is much sparser and weirder and home-tapey. Fuck, everything from the big, messy, surrealistic, and mean Teasers camp is good."
- L.D / Blastitude #18

The Country Teasers have made some real purty records over the years. Now the leader of their tribe, Ben Wallers, has released his debut solo single, as The Rebel. Exciting New Venue For Soccer And Execution of Women (SDZ 7") has a feel not unlike some of the tunes of The Rebel's home planet. It's a kind of roots investigation taken sideways into the territory of the early K Recs minimalists or others of that ilk. Which I guess means that it also really sounds sort of a cassette-era in a way. And hey, maybe that's a good thing. Regardless, The Rebel's sound will certainly jack into the brains of those with a taste for such makers of good works as Dan Johnston and his many kith.

Byron Coley / The Wire Issue 252

John Peel (RIP) played the record several times on his radio show.